Monday, July 13, 2009

Red Sonja cover

This one was art directed to death. It might have turned out better if they'd let me go with the original layout, or at the very least, moved the UPC box to the other corner so it didn't cover the dead guy's face.


  1. Red SOnja has been a favourite of mine since childhood. I've loved this piece since I first saw it. Thanks for sharing the steps involved.

  2. Kevin!
    I lost all your contacts after my hard drive fried and would love to get back in touch. If you get a chance, perhaps you could drop me a line at

    Damn lovely stuff here as ever and always fascinating to see the processes involved.

    Bryan Hitch

  3. Would have really liked to have seen the final version of the first sketch design. Think that stands out more.

  4. I agree with PatrickWedge, while the finished piece is beautiful, the first sketch is in a whole other league.