Friday, July 31, 2009

Star Wars card painting

Most of you have already seen this one, but I found a copy of the pencils and thought I'd share.

The card was finally published recently, years after it was rejected for content. I picked it from a list of subjects supplied by Topps and (I would assume) approved by Lucasfilm. But after I did the painting, they rejected it because Lucas was about to start the new movies and didn't want anyone dealing with material that he was going to cover in the prequels.

Glad they finally changed their minds.


  1. I have never seen this painting before and I'm thrilled that you posted it. Looks like a love child painting by Chiarello and youself. Not that either is better but man, this is incredible. I actually think his chin has this puff that shows he's going to do whatever it takes to protect the child.

    Thanks for sharing. My 11 year old boy is a huge SW fan so he'll eat this picture up.

  2. thanks for Sharing Mr Nowlan..

    ahh..another lesson today..
    another technique i'll practice today..

    any tricks?..playing with multiply layers etc?

  3. I started with a tight pencil drawing, then waterproof India ink for the solid black areas. I finished with watercolor and a little Prismacolor pencil on his face. I might have used an opaque paint for the left side of his robe but I don't remember for sure.

  4. Patrick, I thought this was in the Modern Masters book? It was printed somewhere before they finally published the card...

  5. Just entering the conversation, I'm quite sure this wasn't in the Modern Masters book. On a totally different matter, Kevin, are your Details magazine's stories reprinted anywhere?

  6. That'll teach me to trust my memory. Sorry.

    No, the Details stuff hasn't been reprinted.

  7. Amazing one. One of those drawings that keep you watching it for some minutes. I love it.