Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hawkman #33 cover

Someone messed up and printed this one from a low-res file so I'm showing it here as large as possible.

This was a fun one. I like Jimmy Palmiotti's Monolith character. In fact, I think I did some designs for it early on, when it was going to be called the Golem.

Looking at this piece and the Superman cover reminds me that I rarely miss a chance to stick a fire hydrant in a ground level, urban setting. I guess it's a bit of a running joke, plus -- they always look right to me, with the shadows and chains and rough edges. I'm going to add fire hydrants as a label and see how many I can come up with.

Update: I forgot to post the final version of the colors. There are just a few small changes, like the highlights on the Monolith, but I like this version (shown above) better.


  1. Out of curiosity, do you often just draw in figures and come up with a background afterwards (or does it just look like it in this case?)

    If you do come up with them afterwards, do you not find it problematic to make them 'fit in' with the figurework?

    I really like the fire hydrants to be honest :)


  2. I usually have at least a rough idea, but it looks like this time I was flying blind. There wasn't anything that really HAD to be in the background so it was easy enough to work it out around the figures.

  3. Fair enough. I was just curious as the background fits in really well but it didn't look like you had anything planned.
    Thanks very much for answering.

  4. Wouldn't Reeves Armstrong be proud! Great stuff. Talked to Deb M. (from back in the day) and she is trying to pull together a get-together for all of us from school. Very pre-liminary at this point. I told her I'd try and find you. Don't know if you're interested or not.
    Anyway, you should be very proud of your work...I know I am, and all I can say is that I know you! Later, Dave

  5. Hi Dave!! Great hearing from you! I haven't seen any of you guys in about 20 years!

    I'll contact you off list and get the rest of the details.