Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another DC card

I'm not sure if this one was ever published. It looks like this poor guy didn't even have a name, other than "Old-timer". He was the Guardian of the Galaxy who tried living as a human during the Green Lantern / Green Arrow series that Neal Adams and Denny O'Neil did in the early 70's.

After I did the drawing I stumbled across the fact that Gil Kane's original model for the Guardians was David Ben-Gurion, former Israel Prime Minister. If I get a second chance to draw him -- or them -- I'll try for a better likeness.

Oh, and someone is going to have to remind me: one of these days I need to share my trick for drawing accurate footwear.


  1. Kevin, please remember to share your trick for drawing accurate footwear.


  2. Accurate footwear. A comment I bet no one, no one would have ever guess would have been mentioned on this blog. LOL.

    But the drawing is cool. I would have loved to seen Jack B. Quick run across this guy and Einstein and get in a scientific argument.

  3. Oh yeah? If it was that simple, why wouldn't everyone else do it? Answer me that, Mr. Big Shot!

  4. The same reason Rob Leifield can't be bothered to look down at his crotch when drawing pants. It takes effort.

  5. Such language... from a man of the cloth.