Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ash pin-up: Wrightson pencils with my inks

This one is from 1996 or '97. Jimmy Palmiotti phoned me out of the blue and asked me to ink a Wrightson pin-up. This was before I worked on the Batman & Solomon Grundy story, also pencilled by Berni (or Bernie). To date, neither of them have been published.

Wrightson forgot to sign the piece and I didn't want to forge his signature, so I added my name in ink and lightly pencilled his above it, for him to add later.


  1. Wow. Really, wow.

    They need to get that Batman & Solomon Grundy project published. Seeing stuff like this makes me more upset it hasn't been published.

  2. wow...what ever happened to it? I know I dont have the original...

  3. I don't know, Jimmy... I assumed you sent it back to Bernie?

  4. What a fantastic collaboration! We need to see more Wrightson/Nowlan!

  5. Hey Kevin, how ya doing?

    Dang!Pretty cool, kinda got a pissed off Wolverine/Conan pose there...The legs are kinda weird tho, but i assume that is 'cause he's a little man, is he not?

    Thanks for sharing man.

    Hugo S.

  6. It's the WrightNowlan curse...everything you guys work on gets put into inventory :)

    That is a real shame, because this pin-up looks great and the title page of the Batman story printed in the Masters book also looks wonderful...can we start a writing campaign to get both pieces into print (or something)?

  7. Well, my point is I've never liked vinyl, especially on hot days.