Thursday, December 24, 2009

Captain America commission 2009

This is more or less a convention sketch, but it was drawn pre-con and delivered at the Baltimore Show in October this year.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a scan of my inks.  Anyway, here's the prelim and the finished pencils.

Update:  The commissioner came through with a scan of the inks.  Thanks, David!


  1. Hey Kevin, how ya doing?

    Cool Cap, liked his expression and pose of alert.

    I think i never seen this question here before, so: Do you mind if we print any of these sketches to practice ink/painting or just to frame them to put on the wall?


    Hugo S.

  2. Generally, with just a few exceptions, I've never been comfortable with other people inking my work. On the other hand, I don't see any harm with what you're describing.

  3. Ok then, thanks!I'll love to have some of your stuff on my office.Maybe later on when i get enough cash i'd really like a original comish from ya

    About the inking, that's why i'm practicing some inking for the time i need to do something more detailed, other people then would not ruin my stuff or do something that wasn't what i was going for...But first i got to get in the bizz, and for that i got a lot of work to do hehe

    Thanks again and happy holidays,

    Hugo S.

  4. Great drawing! I hope the lucky recipient will make a scan to share wih us.