Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Killer Croc design for Batman Cartoon

The character design for Killer Croc was a real challenge because in the comics, he was drawn with hundreds of tiny scales.  For the animated series we had to start from scratch and come up with something much more streamlined.  I also wanted to make him look like a wrestler, not a body builder.


  1. I liked how he was colored to indicate that leather skin but the key to me was adding the slight bumps to the shoulders and the head. Gave him that rough look but also indicated this dude ain't to be messed with.

    I bought, and my son still has all his Batman The Animated series figures because to me, they were the most streamlined and coolest looking figures at the time.

  2. I still remember when I saw the animated show when I was a teenager, your designs and the work of mr. Timm made a huge impact on me. And this character was among my favourites.

  3. I thought he was the creepiest looking vllain on the show. He was a tough customer.

  4. This design has stuck with me for 20 years now. So great :)

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