Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Hulk and the Thing

They sure published a lot of comic book cards back in the 90's.  Here's one that I drew for Marvel.  I couldn't find an example of the printed card but here are the pencils (or maybe it's just a sketch) and the inks.


  1. Looks like Hulk has the drop on Ben. That's gonna be a headache! Have you drawn a toe-to-toe battle between these behemoths? What size did you draw the card originals?

  2. No, I think the only other time I've drawn these two together was a swimsuit pin-up for Marvel. I'll have to dig up a copy of that one.

    I'm guessing that my copy of the inks is 100% and it measures about 9x6".

  3. Hi Kevin,
    My hubby is maybe the world's biggest Thing fan. Is there any chance you would part with the pencils or inks? Christmas is coming...

  4. Hi Becky,

    Contact me through my eBay I.D. "bunker101" and I'll see if I can hook you up.