Friday, December 4, 2009

Defenders 133: cover pencils & inks

I was asked to create a bit of a "Will Eisner" effect on this cover and as you can see, I failed miserably.  I switched to inking with a brush, hoping that it would get me part of the way there. Unfortunately, the weird, elongated figures really got the best of me.  Well, it was more than 25 years ago and I was still learning.  The orange crayon effect was contributed by my oldest offspring a few years later when she found my only copy or the pencils.  I think she was trying to correct my composition... or maybe the bad proportions.  Anyway, she was barely two but even she knew that this cover really needed some help.  Editor Carl Potts must have agreed.  It looks like he performed some desperately needed cosmetic surgery on Valkyrie's features.  


  1. I think this effort was pretty cool! I didn't read Defenders at this time. Did you just the covers or did you do interiors as well?

  2. Just a tiny correction on your water flow. lol.
    Great job you two.

  3. You're way too hard on yourself. Wharf piling, moody lighting, and that scrap of paper leading into the writing on the water all scream Eisner. I didn't read Defenders at this time either but I bought this off the stands "for" the cover.

  4. lol I always loved this cover. You're crazy Kevin! lol

  5. "orange crayon" is the new red pen, huh? that's hilarious!

    yo, i have this issue. not bad really, but i know how it is looking a old work...

  6. Dam! These are awesome.
    Beutifull at every stage.

  7. I'm with Hiroshi, your covers were blowing my mind when I was a kid, always a bit disppointed to find you weren't doing the interior art.

  8. This was one of, if not THE cover that made me fall in love with your work.

  9. you are an inspiration Mr. Nowlan :D

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