Thursday, December 3, 2009

BPRD: The Warning #1 cover

Mike Mignola thinks he can't draw women.  I agree with him on many things but he couldn't be more wrong about this.  But that's why he did just a rough sketch for Liz on this cover and asked me to finish her when I did the inks.


  1. Sup Kevin?

    Yeah, i agree widja 'bout that...His women are kinda cute hehe...In a Wolverine One-shot(one that the lil man fights Apocalypse's construct in Sacavage Land) that he drew and wrote(i guess), the main chick(a red head one hehe) is really nice drawn

    Btw, the character in the shadows is Lobster Johnson is it not?

    Hugo S.

  2. Yes on the Lobster Johnson.

    And this still is my dream matchup. Two of my favorite artists working together. I mean, the term legends doesn't even start to describe this mashup. You both have your style in that picture.

  3. I like the contrast between the Mignola monsters and the Nowlan woman. It's very effective on this cover, which is luciously dark, btw!

  4. yup that was a Nowlan. as we say when we see your unique "touch". but you have also given me a very rare treat, Mike Mignola pencils.

    thanks again Mr. Nowlan

  5. Mignola actually has a way of making ugly drawings that are breathtakingly beautiful. his women often have a dainty quality that communicates beauty, even when, if taken literally, they would be considered ugly.