Thursday, December 10, 2009

Man of Steel 115 cover inks over Mahnke

Doug has a terrific rendering style.  I was surprised to see that his pencil technique reminded me a little of Mike Mignola.  You usually don't see it in the inks.


  1. Good save on the Darkseid profile. He really didn't look like himself in the pencils. I wonder why Mahnke drew him that way. Did he pencil in this style with you in mind, or is this how he usually works? If it's the latter, he certanly has been mishandled by other inkers.

  2. This is the only time I've inked Doug's pencils so I don't know what they look like the rest of the time.

  3. Yeah, that looks a lot like Doug's style.

    Did a heck of a job over those pencils. I don't recall ever seeing this before. Thanks.

  4. Boo on how over-colored the finish turned out.

    I like the collab