Friday, December 18, 2009

Speaking of Doctor Strangefate

In spite of what you see here, I really did ink the magic effects that José pencilled, but they were on an overlay and it looks like I didn't bother to make a copy.


  1. I remember when this issue came out - It was a revelation, artistically speaking, and made me an instant fan of the Garcia-Lopez/Nowlan combo, and I was already a big fan of both artists individually!

  2. Mr.Nowlan i noticed the magial effetcs did not show up in the inks. but later in the colors. what happened that i don't know.

    peace out

  3. Doctor Strangefate was THE magical event of the 1990's. It was a lightning strike of a comic book.

  4. This was the first time you had worked over JGL pencils, correct? Maybe I'm wrong on this one. Even age is catching up to me. :)

    Loved the pose and feathering on his right hand. Just kick butt!