Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hulk #362 cover sketch

I wrote about this cover last July but I just found a copy of the preliminary sketch. You can read the original post here.


  1. Much like Steve Rude's perhaps famous parred down deadline style of the great Clockwise issue of Nexus, I could really go for books in your layout style. I can't see that the above is that far from finished (though I do like the final version plenty too)

  2. This was the very first piece I ever saw from you. I got it from a 10 cent bin at the local comic shop I'd go to. Something about it just struck me as "cool"

    the interesting thing was a LOT of the comics I bought in the early 90's (when I started collecting comics) I didn't keep...but I'd always go through my books and I'd see that cover and I'd always go "nah, I am definitely keeping this one...something about it I just like"

    so even before I knew "who" you were...there was something totally fascinating about your art!

    Richard Friend.