Monday, March 22, 2010

Inked version of Gil Kane Green Lantern drawing

I traded some pages to Gil for this pencil drawing years ago when we were divvying up the art for Superman: Distant Fires.  It's a real treasure because there just aren't that many un-inked pencil pieces by Gil out there.  A while back I decided to print out a blue line copy and do an inked version.


  1. Once again I must say that you and Kane are one of my favorite combos. I read somewhere that you were one of his fave inkers, I can see why. Seeing his pencil work is always a treat, I wish I could get my hands on the xeroxes of his Marvel cover pencils from the '70's, I know they are out there, I've seen ebay auctions with them for crazy $.

  2. Love the old school shading approach you took on GL's legs. Lots of rendering and form that is built by your appoach. Really helps make a 2D image have mass.