Saturday, March 6, 2010

X-Factor 79 cover

From 1992. Pencils by Joe Quesada.


  1. Wow!
    What an amazing image!
    Your inks on Joe Q. is always a guilty pleasure, and there is something extremely awesome about all those staffs and notes filling the background. Just looking at the pencils, the prospect of inking that image looks to be incredibly intimidating...almost overwhelmingly daunting! Yet, with your amazingly clean straight edge technique, the inked image is absolutely perfect! Did that take a long time, I wonder? Very powerful art by you both here. Now I have to seek out the color image to see how the printed version compares. Fantastic!

  2. trippy... you and Quesada are great together. The Sword of Azrael art was just transcendent!

  3. That's the one I was talking about! When worked freelance for Marvel in NYC, I saw the original art and I was fascinated by the before and after. The only question is what symphony are the notes from in the BG?