Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hulk Dogs

More sketches for Ang Lee.  We watched his tape of Best of Show, looking for dogs that would make good monsters.


  1. I love the Bulldog with huge hump on his back and the one eye.

  2. I didn't realize until recently that you played a such major part in this film's designs. Fabulous drawings!

    I am one of the few who really liked the movie. (About the only thing that didn't seem quite right about the movie to me was the Hulk that appeared to be 20 feet tall at times, but that's just my opinion.)

    My favorites are #3, the Jack Russell,
    and #2, the manicured super poodle!

    That Mr. Lee chose to use a giant, mutant poodle is very interesting! It certainly is memorable in the film!

  3. I just did a bunch of sketches, very early in the process, before they even had a script. Nothing that anyone would call a major part... not even close.

  4. Kevin: Lee seemed to really like your savage, pit-poodle! I know I did. Beautiful. -- Mykal

  5. I love them all, especially the poodle. He looks seriously fierce. :)

  6. que padre te quedaron los hulkdogs
    yo tambien los dibujo