Sunday, March 7, 2010

Poison Ivy pin-up

This was done for a private collector a year or two ago.


  1. That image make me want to eat my vegetables and grow! ;)

  2. It's always so fascinating to see the progression of how you work, from your initial sketches to the final version. She is very pretty, but there is something very dangerous, or everso slightly unsettling in her eyes, and slight smirk, that tells us to watch out!

    A gorgeous image, held together by a well thought out design, the framing of the border, and the placement of the table, and flowers, as well as the position of her body.

    Lastly, your lines are so clean, especially when you draw inanimate objects like architecture, and things like that table...I think the perfect curves and straight edges add so much to the highly polished end result. Aspiring artists can learn a lot from your example.