Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Plastic Man #1, page 1, 1988

I don't have a pencil scan for this one and... let's be honest, the layout is 99% Jack Cole's so I can't take credit for much here.  One thing that occurred to me when I drew those bottom panels; drawing a character falling down is hard to do.  Tomorrow I'll post a short story by an under appreciated artist who just might be the king of "falling down" art.  Stay tuned.


  1. wow. i am amazed at how you described those buildings in the 3rd panel with some so good

  2. Love the second and third panels they're really complicated but still totally readable.

  3. "Ya putrid punks!"
    Yeah, I remember this, but I haven't had the pleasure of seeing your version. Where have I been?
    Looks beautiful. I echo the previous comments. Kevin, as always, impressive and inspiring!

  4. Ummm....I had no clue you did this project. to add this to my back issue list.