Sunday, January 17, 2010

Batman the Animated Series

More of the character sketches I did for the first season of Batman the Animated Series:


  1. for this animated series was needed to stay on a style like Bruce Timm?.
    Hope come out in italy

  2. Cool designs! That second to last Man-Bat is particularly freaky. Questions: Did you work alongside Bruce Timm, et al. when doing these or remotely from home? If done in your own studio, were you given certain characters to work on from a specific script or given free reign to design whatever came to mind? The reason why I ask is that Guy w/ Chair and Guy w/ Broken Arm seem so random. They're fun to see at any rate, with lots of personality captured in very few lines...

  3. No, I don't think Bruce asked me to draw in his style. In fact, looking at the bible, I don't think his style had really jelled yet. It wasn't nearly as sharp and angular as it would become while working on the Batman series.

    Hiroshi: I didn't work alongside Bruce. He would just call up and tell me what he needed. No script, just a brief mention of a scene and a list of characters that were needed.

  4. that is awesome, animated Nowlan.

    Mr. Nowlan do you find in your many years in the industry, it's knowing the right people. or the right people know you? that you find yourself doing all sorts or gigs. like the sketches for the animated series.

    peace out

  5. Knowing the right people sure helps but I'm pretty isolated out in the Midwest. Bruce Timm didn't know me before this project but I think he'd seen some of my work at DC. He met a friend of mine and got in touch with me through him.