Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monsters in the Closet: page four

This isn't the most interesting page in the story but I like the mechanical stuff in the last panel.  And it looks like I almost forgot the "CLICK" sound effect in the bottom left panel.


  1. Panel four, the borderless panel with Batman's face. Man, the shading and execution of that single shot is awesome. Still goes down as my fav story of that series. And an Alex Toth cover to that issue as a super, duper bonus!

  2. Hi Mr. Nowlan,
    first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    It's "smoky man" from Italy here. Maybe you could know me for the Alan Moore tribute book I co-edited in 2003 with Gary Spencer Milldge for his Abiogenesis Press.
    I am a regular contributor to "Scuola di Fumetto" magazine, one of the most important Italian magazine about Comic Art. So, I'd like to ask you some questions about inking for an upcoming interview piece I am working on. There is no hurry for the piece. Just let me know if you could be interested in then we'll work the details. My email adress is: smoky_man (at) yahoo.com

    You can read some of the past interviews I did in my International blog sardinianconnection.blogspot.com.

    Waiting for your feedback,
    thanks in advance and a big Italian ciao!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful work. This and your "Secret Origin of the Manbat" are in my top 3 or your stories, (the third spot reserved for whatever I may be reading at the time). Nice touch with the untied shoelace in panel five ;-) !

  4. not a question at all, this IS my fave nowlan story to keep in the studio for inspiration. Love the play of light and shadow in just about every panel. The way your eye has to track up the stairs to read the sound effect, away from the batman, is perfectly done. nice to see the pencils!

  5. I just can't figure out how your work is so damn timeless. It's not part of a movement, genre or from any specific era.

    It's seemingly untouchable in that way.

    Any thoughts on why that might be? Is it a conscious effort? I mean, I can see the influences yet you tend to own them. Maybe it's the strength of your style...you Nowlanize everything you touch, which is a good thing. :)

    It's something I've been searching for as an artist.


  6. Hi Shane,

    I don't know how to respond to that, other than to say thanks.

  7. And thanks to all of you for the nice comments.

  8. I got a copy of this book coming to me this book weekend. I can't wait to see the whole story! And the borderless (#3) panel close-up is what really caught my eye with this page's layout. Kudos!!

  9. Not trying to kiss your ass, Mr. Knowlan sir, but this is joint first Most Beautifully Drawn Comic Story, Ever ; along with Al Williamson's The Homecoming in my personal top five.

  10. Well, thanks... I'm glad you like it. I really stressed out when I was working on it, knowing that it HAD to be the best work I could possibly do.