Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jack B. Quick "Why the Long Face?", page 1

As I've recounted elsewhere, I happened to go to the State Fair and photograph this cow months before I needed the shot for reference on this splash page.  She belonged to an old classmate and she really didn't like us getting so close to her calf.  If looks could kill...


  1. Besides the cow just being damn funny, the one thing I wish I could figure out is how you approach and render rock, grass and field textures so darn well. Everytime I see you pencil/ink stuff like a moon, rocks, concrete, etc. it just comes off so fluid and looks incredibly natural. First time I ever noticed that skill was when I saw Al Williamson when he was doing Star Wars. But for some reason, your style just took it to a new level.

    Think I smell a future post. :) Of course, right after your shoe theory Dave Johnson wants to see.

  2. Lucky cow! I'd love to be in a Nowlan panel.

  3. Killer Love it.


  4. This is awesome!
    Another awesome image!
    That cow is great, and so is the manure circle!
    Beautiful stuff, and your lettering reminds me so much of another great letterer/artist, Wally Wood. But yours is steadier.