Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wolverine #14 cover art

In the first scan you can see that we were still trying to narrow down the cover ideas.  Looking back, I think I prefer the layout on the lower left to the one that was finally selected.


  1. Was the one selected the top one, just flipped? I like the lower left thumbnail as well. Someone should commission it!

  2. Wow - nice memories associated with this one. I loved everything about that story arc: Great story from Peter David, awesome Buscema / Sienkiewicz Art, and, of course, your great covers.



  3. Something about both of Wolvie's hands on the final piece that I really love. Most probable reason is that my mind doesn't work that way and I'd fumble with it and never get them right.

  4. This is the cover that have me started looking for comics done by you. Those days without limited internet resources i have to buy Overstreet and look for books with initials KNW.