Sunday, February 14, 2010

Action Comics Weekly #639 cover sketch

I thought I'd already posted this cover but I guess I changed my mind when I couldn't find a copy of the pencils. Fortunately, the long forgotten preliminary sketch showed up on eBay this week and it's tight enough to get the job done. It's not my auction but you can see it here, for a few more hours at least.  The seller very kindly shared a larger scan of the rough with me so please reward him with some ridiculously high bids.


  1. Kevin, I have a quick question. I'm a big fan of your drawings but I don't actually own any of your comics (besides issues of The Sandman that I used to have, when I was young and didn't know who artists were). Which of your work are you proudest of? Thanks.

  2. That answer might change from day to day but most of the Jack B. Quick stories would be pretty high on that list.

  3. I resemble that remark!