Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daredevil Stiltman cover commission

This one was obviously based on that cool old Wally Wood cover from the 60's.


  1. That is in-freakin'-credible! Right off you get the Wally Wood vibe, but upon closer inspection, parts of it almost look like Marshall Rogers inked by Klaus Janson--but in the end it's all Kevin Nowlan. WOW!!

  2. Hey, that is pretty cool. I have that issue at home and it does look like that great Wood cover.

  3. I'm hardly unbiased, but I think it's cool too! Thanks Kevin...

  4. How appropriate to do a Wood homage, as your mastery of black and white forms and shapes would easily classify you as a modern-day Wood in my eyes. Your use of shadows and shapes create 3D like images much like Wally Wood did, and in my book, nobody draws better buildings than you, Kevin.
    This is very cool.