Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Gil Kane...

...with a little Sergio Aragonés thrown in for good measure.  Here are a couple of pages from Mark Evanier's Fanboy, issue 2.  I think Gil did all the layouts, then Sergio inked his figures before the pages came back to me to ink whatever remained.  It was funny seeing how well Gil mimicked Sergio's style, creating a far more seamless blend than I would have expected.


  1. More! Man, Kane had some great inkers in his time--Wood, Neal Adams, and even Kane himself--but you were the best. These have been a real delight to see and I love where you really went to town, like with the rubble and Hal's hair...

  2. Excellent storytelling and powerful art! Thanks for posting this.

  3. What a fascinating blend of art styles! As you say, how fun to see Kane's layouts mimicking Aragone's style!
    I love your realism, the realistic shading on the circular 'Wood' disks, and the stress wrinkles on the dude's chin on page 2!
    Great work, interesting informative post!