Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WildC.A.T.S. 25, page 9 with Dave Johnson

I posted page five from this story here but inadvertently labeled it issue #50. As explained last time, Dave Johnson did some terrific layouts, focusing on the tech, backgrounds and hardware. He left the faces and figures less finished because he knew that was the part I could have the most fun with. After I finished the pencils, I inked this page but the inks on the rest of the story were a combination of Dave, me and John Nyberg.  The script was by Alan Moore.


  1. Gahh.....look at that rendering on Slag. Incredible. But that is cool how this book and these pages come together. Interesting to see the process of two talented people!

  2. Man, your work is incredible. Your inks are exquisite as well as all your work. My sincere admiration!

    Andrés, from Argentina