Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Details magazine ad supplement, page 4, 1997

It looks like I did at least two 8.5 x 11" layouts for this page. Changing the angle a bit really made the second panel work better. First a tiny thumbnail sketch, enlarged a bit...


  1. Love the pose of the girl/woman in that panel. She got that sexy, confident pose to her and by tilting the camera angle/panel, it helps drive home that.

    Slick stuff.

  2. Sexy young thing! Great page. My only regret is that you ditched the illustrated thought balloon in panel one. I've always been a big fan of those and I'm not quite sure "why"... maybe because it's "extra" artwork?

  3. Mr.Nowlan, as i was looking at this these panels and a question popped up. panel layouts. does your art dictate what type of panel to use? for example, i offten reference difference artists panel layouts (i.e. Stuart immonen "New Avengers", Erik Larsen "Savage Dragon"....) to help me find the best way, for pace and balance of the story, on the page. i never seem to know when to go horizontal, or vertical. or am i making a big deal of nothing, and should just keep drawing?

    peace out

  4. Arnie, I usually don't get too fancy with layouts unless there's a reason to. Just go with whatever works best.

    Hiroshi, I think I or we dropped that insert because it just wasn't working. The dialog changed too, probably for the same reason.