Friday, February 5, 2010

Details magazine ad supplement, page 6, 1997

Almost finished...


  1. thanks so much for these!! You have no idea how inspirational they are, I cant get enough of extreamley talentend artists showing the steps they took to come up with their bangin finals. Keep drawing homie.

  2. I remember seeing this before, not sure if it was in a magazine or when it was for sale or one of the interviews you gave, but what always made me smile was the truck in this. My grandpa had a 56 Chevy pickup that he pulled the bed off to make a flat bed for work around the farm with. That panel makes me think of that truck.

    Great rendering and energy in that panel!

  3. For the tow truck and the Chevy Nomad I drew from die cast model cars that I picked up years ago for a few bucks each. I need to find a few more of them so that I'm not always drawing the same vehicles. The Nomad showed up in some of the JBQ stories as well as the Batman B&W.