Thursday, September 3, 2009

Neal Adams pencils, my inks

Back in the '90's I inked a few pages for a Samuree story that hasn't been published. I love seeing how Adams works out the composition and movement in his roughs and still keeps it spontaneous when he refines the pencils.


  1. I love the sense that I get from your inks at times of battling to control yourself and stay faithful to the pencillers.
    Like many you've proably seen enough Adams over the years to feel to emulate that classic Adams look.
    Samuree in the first panel leans towards a Nowlan drawing but in the last panel still looks like an Adams drawing.
    Always fun.

  2. Agreed Will. I see the same thing in the pencils and the inks. Kevin really being faithful in the faces, hair, etc. but having fun on the clothing and background shading.

    These are those odd pages you get a new glimpse into.

  3. Hey Kevin, my name is Gabriel Guzman, I’m the artist behind Marvel’s Cable 18 to 23 and the most important a great fan of your work since your pages on Penthouse Comix. Your work has inspired me a lot and just wants to say Hi; you got another fan!!!!

  4. Hi Gabriel. Nice of you to stop by and introduce yourself. Thanks!

  5. It would be great to see something long-term and see a steady penciler/inker team reach new heights.