Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flying man meets flying gorilla

This is the cover for DC Comics Presents: Hawkman #1 (and only), a series of books that DC put out in 2004, paying tribute to long-time editor Julie Schwartz.  

It's a reworking of a memorable Murphy Anderson cover from the sixties.  As you can see, José's pencils were amazing and I tried very hard to retain as much of the middle tones as I could in the inks, especially the ape fur. 
He improved the layout by moving things around a little and he made the ape a bit more realistic and a little less cuddly.

Here's Murphy Anderson's cover from 1965.  This was the kind of image that could really warp a young mind, especially one that's only recently recovered from the sight of those flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.


  1. Cool! This is easily the best of those eight homage covers (and that's saying something because there were no slouches in the bunch. ;-) ) That's the most ferocious looking ape since the ones Kubert did in Tarzan and Hawkman looks tuff enuff to dish it back.

  2. You know, he does look a little like a Kubert ape, maybe even a Hogarth ape... or am I seeing things?

  3. Hmmm... Both? The fur of that upper arm looks like Kubert to me but it ends in those Hogarth knuckles. (Ha! This is such an awesome blog...)

  4. You're right about the knuckles. Maybe it's just the ape's eyes that make me think of Hogarth. You don't see it?

    This doesn't look as chimp-like as the apes Kubert drew in Tarzan.

  5. Kevin, sorry to ask again, but for some reason I was unable to reply to your last email. Could I ask you to drop me a line again please. I would love to catch up soon.


    Bryan HItch

  6. Amazing drawing, amazing inks, amazing colors as well. I love it.

  7. Consider it done, Bryan.

    Peter, I don't know who did the colors but I agree, they're terrific.