Friday, September 11, 2009

BPRD: The Black Goddess #1 cover

Mike Mignola's thumbnail sketch and notes.

My first crack at the figures.

Pencils for the layout with the big Liz head.

Black areas added with a big marker. This is still an 8.5 x 11" layout, not the final board.

The 11 x 17" pencils.  Mike decided to drop the title and UPC boxes.

And the inks.


  1. Sweet. love how build the shapes with your blacks. Abe Sapien has never looked more slick. Is this out yet ? And will you be doing the colors yourself?

  2. All five issues came out earlier this year. Dave Stewart did a beautiful job on the colors:

  3. Always cool to see you go through the layout process. Interesting that this cover seemed to progress in a few more steps than your normal process. Did you find that was the case due to the layout or just characters that you weren't used to?

  4. I think it's because I was a little nervous. I was more familiar with the characters than you might think because I've been a pretty faithful BPRD reader. I just hadn't drawn them before.

  5. These progressions are great! Thanks for posting these, Kevin!

  6. Hey, thanks, Joe! Nice of you to drop by!

  7. I love how subtle characteristics come out in each of the characters.

    Oddly Johann (?) lacks any real character by comparison to the other three and seems to be all about shape. Is that intentional because he's just gasbag?

    I'm not criticizing as much as wondering if I should be in as awestruck as I am. :)


  8. Guy Davis does an amazing job with Johann, showing a lot of expression and emotion with just body language. You forget that he's just a bag of gas, so to speak.