Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Man-Bat page 18

Jan Strnad's script and a couple of roughs for the bottom panels.  I'm sure I did similar preliminary sketches for the rest of the page but they're long gone.


  1. a great insight to the craft ,especially for art students who want to learn the ropes of the job ,inspired post :-)

  2. It's great that you saved all of your penciled roughs and prelims but what "really" impresses me is that you had the forethought to photocopy your pages at various stages of development. With regard to this I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Whoo-hoo!" I know Kirby had tons of Xeroxes of his pencils but is this just a more common practice than I realized?

  3. Have I said enough times this is bar none, my favorite Kevin Nowlan project? I love Jack...really, I do, but this stuff...uhh...my Nowlan/Toth fantasy.

  4. Thanks for sharing these. This is one of my favourite comic strips of all time. The design and black and white balance is just genius.

  5. Awesome stuff.

    This may seem a tall request, but I'd love to see this whole story in black & white. Are there any plans to reprint it , or should I just keep tuning in and taking in whatever I can get ;-)

    Thanks again for sharing these gems. It's like going to school all over again.

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    Hiroshi, I've always tried to keep copies of the pencils, out of paranoia and superstition as much as anything.

    Dominic, I like seeing it in black and white as well. It'd be fun to see it reprinted on better paper. Either way, stay tuned...