Monday, September 14, 2009

Batman pin-up pencils

This could probably be considered shameless promotion but I wanted to show the pencils for the piece I currently have on eBay.  


  1. Another beautiful piece, Kevin. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate seeing all these pieces in their various stages. It's terrific being allowed into the creative process like this. Hopefully, the novelty of blogging this stuff doesn't wear off for an extremely long amount of time.

    Any chance you'll sell the pencils of this piece?

    Thanks, and have fun,


  2. Thanks, Ken.

    Unfortunately, the pencils were inked over and erased so they no longer exist.

  3. Just want to make sure about your stages. 1. Prelim (thumbs for a page, loose pencils on typing paper for a cover or pin-up), 2. Pencils (now on an 11X17 board), 3. Inks (on same 11X17 board as pencils). So my question would be, is all of the pencil work shown here (that isn't labeled specifically as a prelim) scans before it gets inked? I know different creators work in different ways. Duncan Fegredo, for example, has 2 physical pages for each page. There is a pencil only version, and then his inks are done on a blue line copy of the pencils.

    Regardless, cool stuff!

  4. Yeah, that's usually how I do most large pieces. Thumbnail sketch (sometimes several of them), larger sketch on typing paper, then full size pencils and inks.

    I've done a few pieces over blueline prints of the pencils but generally, if you see finished pencils here they're from scans or xerox copies made prior to inking.

  5. That's an awesome perspective shot. Take noticed kiddies, this Nowlan guy is going to be pretty big. :)