Thursday, October 8, 2009

Atom vs Chronos DC card

No pencil scan, but a tight layout.  For the finer details of the watch mechanism I scanned a photo and combined it with the drawn image in Photoshop.  Gil Kane drew Chronos with Richard Nixon features back in the '60's but, as you can see in my note, I wasn't sure if that's what Upper Deck wanted.  I don't remember if they nixed the idea or if I did it on my own.


  1. Man, Chronos has such a sinister face on this one. Yikes. Like the subtle feathering on his gloves too.

  2. Something about this one reminds me of Doug Mahnke weirdly, especially the inked rough.

  3. Sup man?

    Hey thanks for answering me back there, i googled that thing, its an unfamiliar tool with a lot of dots right?I'll get one as soon as i see one for selling here to try it out...Oh, and i saw the superman/alien novel today, didn't buy it tho, it seems like you did everything there hehe

    Sorry for writing this much and thanks again.

    Hugo S.