Monday, October 5, 2009

Museum of Oddities, page four

The other day I found some preliminary sketches for this story so I thought I'd share another page.  This is from X-Men First Class Special #1.


  1. As always, thanks for sharing you artistic process with us. It’s very inspiring to see how the pages come to life in your hands.
    BTW: I love the way you draw children and teenagers, you did it very realistic but with a lot of life, and this is something very complicated.
    Thanks again

  2. Howdy Kevin!

    This story is quite funny hehe

    May i bother you asking some questions?Here goes:

    How do you do the lettering?Do you have any guide to give you reference in size and types of fonts?And...If possible, could you show us anything that you just lettered with the process?

    As always, thank you very much for taking your time and answering,

    Hugo S.

  3. Wow, now I have a specific target in mind this week at the comic store...

  4. Hugo, I'll have to do a longer post on hand lettering some time. For now, the short version is: I letter with a dip pen, a Speedball point that was filed down to a chisel shape. I think it was originally a B-5 which has a round point. I filed it down for finer lines and so that it gives me a thick horizontal stroke and a thinner vertical stroke. Do a Google search on "Ames Lettering Guide" if you want to see how to pencil the guide lines.