Friday, October 2, 2009

Alpha Flight #45 cover art: Brigman pencils & Nowlan inks

This looks like the kind of cover I'd agreed to ink after just the briefest of phone conversations.  A big, hairy monster crawling out of a grave.  Cool... I like the evil grin that June put on his face and the way the colorist made it – and his eyes – blood red.


  1. The cool thing about this piece is that you corrected some little mistakes the artist did and put more hair texture on it.Great stuff!

    Hugo S.

  2. I was thrilled when Carl got you to ink this, I'd drawn it with you in mind. I knew you'd make me look brilliant. Did I ever tell you thanks? No? Well, thanks Kevin, I love your work. -June

  3. Wow... thanks, June! We've never met but I've been a fan of your work since Power Pack. And I didn't know you intended for me to do the inks all along. Thanks for making my job so easy. Even all these years later I can tell it was a fun piece to work on.