Thursday, October 29, 2009

Legend of the Green Flame

The Phantom Stranger confronts Superman and Green Lantern. Who in the world could prefer a dopey, dated, turtleneck and gold medallion over a simple black necktie?  In the script, Neil Gaiman specifically asked for the tie, but one of the other artists on this project ignored him and drew the turtleneck.  So... I had to change my art.  Nine years later and I'm still annoyed. Yes, it's true, there are no limits to my pettiness. 


  1. Things happen, you know it!
    Anyway your art looks amazing as usual Kevin

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I´ve been visiting your blog since May or so, but this is the first time that I post a comment here.

    Thank you for all the drawings and layouts about your work. They are amazing, and I´m learning (and enjoying) a lot from them.

    Regards from Spain!

  3. Hi José! I found a lot of beautiful work on your blog when I followed the links. Thanks for the encouraging words!