Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dr. Strangefate, page 1

Script by Ron Marz, pencils by José Luis Garcia-Lopez, inks by me and virtuoso coloring by Matt Hollingsworth.  I love the way Matt kept everything dark and murky – as the setting required – but clearly defined the elements and separated the planes.  He even caught that tiny highlight on the kid's pupil.


  1. Like how Matt did the lighting on the character coming out of the pipe. Of course, your feathering of the pipes is pretty amazing.

    Did this end up being the first time you inked over JGL?

  2. Cool page, JGL is great when talking about composition and drama.I love to draw water as well, with the low light of the scene it all looks fantastic!How long did you take to ink this one Kevin?

    Oh, and, yesterday you answered my question about the marvel thing...So plot is just that, the description of what is going on on the page, and its up to the penciller to put that info there as best as he can to fit with the rest of the process right?

    Thanks again for always taking your time to answer us!

    Hugo S.

  3. I think this must have been the first time I inked José's pencils... unless I'm forgetting something.

    Most of the Strangefate pages took at least a full day to ink. Some probably took a little more.

    Yes, working Marvel-style (plot, pencils, then final script) the penciller handles the finer points of pacing.