Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Mutants #51 page 18

This is for the talented Mr. Tom Raney, who owns the original for this page but probably hasn't seen the rough layout or the pencils.  It's page 24 in the book but the 18th page in the story.  Sorry the pencil copy is so dark.  I'm also showing Chris Claremont's plot for that page, although it was originally intended to be page 17.


  1. Hey Kevin, how ya doing?

    It's hard to do a page with a script without descriptions for the panels (at least i think that is hehe), and for that, how did you come up with the panels?You just get the important scenes that came up in your mind and put in the paper to see if it matches with the script or what?


    Hugo S.

  2. Great page and so fun to see how it went from script to layouts to pencils and to ink...did you also do the color guides for that issue?

    I also have another question. I just purchased and finished reading IDW's "Grimwoods Daughter". I totally enjoyed both the story and the art and I must say I was amazed at how sharp the art reproduction was (!). I thought that this was a reprint of a story that was done in color a few years back, so I was expecting that the printed colored pages would be scanned in and then the color removed to print the collection in black and white...but this looked like it was scanned and printed from the originals. How did you guys do it?

    Just being curious :)

  3. Hugo: Keep in mind that this was done "Marvel-style" which means plot, pencils, dialog, lettering, then inks. I really enjoyed working from a plot instead of a finished script because it gave me a lot more latitude in the storytelling. Chris did a great job supplying me with all the information I needed to work out the specific panels.

    I usually start a page by making notes, listing the essential elements that need to go into each panel, including which characters speak first. You can see my list in the right margin of the layout above.

    After I finished the pencils, Chris wrote his dialog and captions.

  4. Alex: No, I had no say in the coloring. The book was printed with plastic Flexograph plates which made everything look horrible, even Glynis Oliver's lovely guides.

    I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed the Grimwood collection. I scanned some of the pages from originals but where no originals were available, I scanned old stats or created new art. It was a lot of work so the fact that you were pleasantly surprised makes it all worth while.

  5. Wow, it does sound like you put extra time into making sure the collection was going to look good. I wish everyone took so much care when their artwork is being reprinted . Thank you!