Friday, October 23, 2009

Batman & Joker commission

This was done in 2003...


  1. Love the Joker's expression on this commish. Has that old school Bob Kane thing going for it while still channeling all the Batman greats. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great pin-up. The Batman figure looks real solid, like he is one tough bruiser. Real nice rendering on the background as well. Sweet.

    I have a quick question about one of your earlier "Grimwood's Daughter" posts. You showed off some real nice pencils from the series and I wanted to ask something. Looking at the latest reprint I noticed that there almost seems to be a style "emergence" around page 44-45. The rendering is a bit different, more solid blacks in the backgrounds, the figures are better just seems like you have arrived at your mature style right in the middle of the last chapter. So my question is: was there a long period of time that you took off in the middle of working on the last chapter and when you returned you had acquired new sensibilities or did you just have a revelation in the middle of the assignment?

  3. Neither. Those last four pages were re-inked when no originals or good copies could be found for the collection. But the amount of blacks is the same as their earlier counterparts. It's a darker scene, the aftermath of the big fire and it's at night.

  4. Hi Kevin
    I love your anatomy's interpretation and your ink style with an old school touch. It's so difficult found a great inking work in the comicbooks of nowdays.
    I'm a great fan of your work since I discovered you in a old Outsiders annual, in the spanish edition.

  5. Thanks, Tomås. It wasn't old school when I first started doing it but I guess it is now.

    I'll have more Outsiders stuff soon. Stay tuned!

  6. I guess it goes without saying that Nowlan draws the best darn Batman ever.