Friday, October 9, 2009

Frankenstein portrait

Most of you probably saw this last week if you followed the auction link but I also wanted to show the earlier version so you can see how the piece evolved.


  1. Is that using charcoal? I love the slight coloring change around his nose and under his eye.

    We need a Hellboy charcoal drawing. Me be happy.

  2. Remember the Hulk piece from a few weeks ago, it's turned up for sale here
    It's a great piece

  3. Patrick, It's colored pencil and gouache.

    Hey Nick, thanks for the link to the Hulk piece. Nice to know it's still around and getting more valuable as it ages.

  4. Wow...I really love the piece...
    I´m very happy I could Get it!!
    It´s terrific to see it in a near distance.

    -Javier C.