Sunday, October 18, 2009

Plastic Man #2, page 2, 1988

And here's the next page.  I couldn't find a copy of the pencils but here are the inks and colors.  DC must have removed the little burst in panel four, maybe because it didn't look real enough?  

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  1. I also enjoy the way color was printed on newsprint. I am not sure if I am being old fashion...maybe... but I just think that the line work was not fighting the color as much. Currently, with all of the "tools" available digitally, a lot of tricks and special effects get applied to the penciled/inked panels and it is hard to see what the original intent of the penciler/inker was.

    However, I suppose, that as computer coloring and new printing process are becoming the norm (are a norm?), the look of comics will change (has changed) and new drawing techniques will emerge to utilize that process.

    I would like to point out, that black and white artwork has been gaining ground and a series like "Wednesday" comics which combine computer coloring with newsprint printing have been well received by comic book fans.